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At TDL, we appreciate and value the chance to meet our customers.

Capturing the demands of customers in need of more diversified and superior quality in the rapidly changing digital world, TDL is the best partner in the IT era embraching S/W and H/W based on the best human resources and know-how.

TDL offers technologies and products for customers over a variety of industries such as manufacturing, communications and IT services.

With the rapid development of information technology, we are encountering an unprecedented environmental change in this century.

In this environment in which change will be further accelerated, TDL will provide bold innovations and services required bu customers based on qualified technologies and excellent human resources.

Moreover, we promise our customers to always do our best to become the most reliable and honorable partner in the business field.

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Flake graphite

Metallocene self adhesive film

EVA self adhesive film

Laminating film

Masking film



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